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Welcome to New Battery Technologies

New Battery Technologies (NBT) is an industry leader for designing and supplying technically advanced lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery packs to power all electronic applications. NBT is a part of a multi-national joint-venture partnership for supplying technically advanced Li-ion battery packs. The primary objective of the alliance is to promote the use Li-ion technology and to ensure our products are designed to be safe, reliable and competitively priced. All products are designed in Canada and assembled in North America or Asia to the highest of standards, and meet or exceed industry safety and environmental standards which include:

Quality Management System Certification ISO 9001
Environmental Management System Certification ISO 14001
Battery Pack Certification IEC 62133
Battery Cell Certification UL 1642/2054, RoHS
Safe Road Transportation UN 38.3

NBT are expert in providing customers with complete energy solutions for their unique applications whether it is for the motive, marine, industrial or renewable energy sectors, and others. By working with recognized battery manufacturers, we are able to carefully select the most appropriate cell chemistry to match the specific requirements of each customer application, thereby, ensuring we develop and deliver the most dependable and custom specific battery pack solution for our client applications. The most commonly used cell chemistries we use in battery packs are Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide (LiNiMnCoO2 or NMC) and Lithium Phosphate (LiFePO4) which are the best choice to power most equipment applications.

CEO’s Statement

NBT's diverse and leading edge solutions service an ever-evolving market for battery cell technologies. Paul Elliott, the CEO of NBT says: “As the world increasingly moves towards electronic devices and equipment and away from fossil fuels, the quality and reliability of electrical power sources becomes more critical”.

Lithium-Ion over Lead Acid

Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries are superior to lead acid batteries which are most commonly used in industrial applications. Lead acid batteries are heavy, environmentally hazardous, corrosive and unreliable compared with their Li-ion counterparts. Li-ion batteries also have the best energy densities compared with other battery chemistries and have no memory effect. NBT are both experienced and well positioned to design and supply lithium-ion replacements for lead acid battery applications.

It should be noted that a battery with a low price is always attractive, but if low price comes at the expense of quality and battery life then the need for frequent battery replacements could boost the overall cost over time. It is important to consider issues other than price when making the decision to use Li-ion over lead acid, some of these are: battery capacity and available space, consistency of discharge voltage and current, the number of discharge/charge cycles (cycle life), the depth of discharge (DOD), the operating temperature range of the battery application. Batteries from different manufacturers may have the same capacity and energy content and be similar in weight. But design, materials, process and quality influence how long the battery will cycle. NBT’s team work closely with their customers to complete a full “Application Requirement Assessment” to determine the best available Li-ion solution.