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Advanced Technology, More Power

Welcome to New Battery Technologies

New Battery Technologies (NBT) announces a new line of high capacity cells and battery products. NBT is the North American agent of a multi-national joint-venture partnership for manufacturing technically advanced lithium-ion battery packs. The primary objective of the alliance is to research, advance and promote lithium-ion technology and cell production worldwide. 

NBT's diverse and leading edge solutions service an ever-evolving market for fuel cell technologies. Paul Elliott, the CEO of NBT says: “As the world increasingly moves towards electronic devices and equipment and away from fossil fuels, the quality and reliability of electrical power sources becomes more critical”.  

Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries are superior to the common lead acid battery that is most commonly used today. Lead acid batteries are heavy, environmentally hazardous, corrosive and unreliable compared with their Li-ion counterparts. Li-ion batteries also have the best energy densities compared with other battery chemistries and have no memory effect. We manufacture cells to the highest of standards using the latest Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide (LiNiMnCoO2 or NMC) chemistry. We use sophisticated technical equipment to stringently test cells and battery packs to ensure they meet the highest international standards for quality and safety. To optimize cell use and extend the life of the battery cells we use an intelligent Battery Management System (BMS) that constantly adjusts the functionality and capacity of the cells for optimum performance.

Uses for custom Li-ion battery packs are limitless and include:
  • power for small electric devices
  • larger equipment such as consumer and commercial vehicles
  • industrial power generation
  • power supply and backup, including entire neighborhood emergency backup during an outage

We provide solutions and products for all applications and use “A” grade battery cells with the highest performance and safety ratings. All "A" Grade cells are generally identifiable.  Ours contain the marking "MNt”. Battery cells without an identifier are usually considered lower grade and may be unstable.

Top Quality, International Warranty

Unlike many other providers, ALL of our battery products are backed by an international warranty. We also offer extended warranties available based on our customers application requirements.

Lithium-Ion Battery Refurbishment

We have the expertise in the design and manufacture of lithium batteries to meet your specific needs. Whether you require deep charging or shallow charging cells, we will find your solution. We also repack and refurbish existing batteries using our NMC chemistry.


Our manufacturing facility maintains the following designations and certifications:

Quality Management System Certification       ISO 9000
Environmental Management System Certification       ISO 14000
Battery Pack Certification       IEC 62133
Battery Cell Certification       UL 1642, RoHS, UN 38.3