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Top Quality, International Warranty

All of our battery products are backed by an international warranty and we are a fully insured. We use only “A” grade battery cells with the highest performance and safety ratings. All "A" Grade cells should be identified by a logo – ours has the marking "MNt”. Battery cells in the market with no logo are usually classified as “B” Grade or below.

Lithium-Ion Battery Refurbishment

We are specialists in designing and then manufacturing lithium batteries to meet specific needs. Whether you require deep charging or shallow charging cells, we will find your solution. We can also repack and refurbish your existing batteries.

Professional Training

All our technicians are fully certified and have completed the training required by the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations.


Our manufacturer holds the following designations:
ISO9000Quality Management System Certification
ISO14000 Environmental Management System Certification
CEBattery Pack Certification
UL, CB, ROHS, UN 38.3Battery Cell Certification
Advanced Technology more Power

Welcome to New Battery Technologies

New Battery Technologies is a division of Elliott Research and Technology Ltd. We are a new company with diverse and leading edge solutions to the ever evolving market for battery technologies. As the world increasingly moves to electronic devices and equipment, the quality and reliability of electrical power sources becomes more and more important. Lithium ion (Li-ion) batteries are newer and more advanced than common lead acid battery that power most vehicles. Lead acid batteries are heavy, corrosive and not as reliable as their Li-ion counterparts. Li-ion batteries also have the best energy densities compared with other battery chemistries and have no memory effect.

Uses for custom Li-ion battery packs are limitless, ranging from powering small electric devices to larger equipment such as electric cars, to industrial generators at construction sites to colossal backup power supplies that can provide electricity for an entire neighborhood during a blackout.

We have products and solutions for all these situations.